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The Chronicles of Lexi 

How much is too much? How far is far enough?

A young and gorgeous Jamaican woman, Lexi, haunted by a disturbing past, relocates to America to start a new life. However, what seems to have been the perfect opportunity for a new chapter, quickly transforms into the nightmare she thought she had left behind. Now fueled by anger, and hungry for revenge, how far will she go—to survive?


A sensuous and hilarious tale, “The Chronicles of Lexi will leave you blushing and breathless. Its dynamic characters take you on an adventurous journey of how life’s circumstances can transform the human spirit and reveal the unexpected.

             Althia Ellis, MPA

                 Author of "The Kids’ Roadmap to Business Ownership"

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Vengeance Is The Only Verdict: it's Lexi Again

Flash-forward to the present, eight years later, as Lexi discovers her life was now in danger. Someone was after her and her family. One threatening phone call is all it would take to set the stage for her new nightmare.


Whoever was after her was out for blood. This time around, someone sought vengeance against Lexi. Will she survive this time around, when the only verdict is vengeance?




Wet grass
Beyond Covid-19
Are you seeking to redesign your organization or your community?
Do you have the creativity, will, and skills you need to make this happen?

As we navigate the pandemic, a new wave of social change is emerging. Recognizing their increasing irrelevance, people are finding renewed purpose outside conventional organizations, are connecting with like-minded others across the traditional divides of private and civic organizations, and are humbly, purposefully, and courageously co-creating new, life-affirming, prosperous, and sustainable  solutions, laying new paths through our contemporary challenges.

This is the work of regenerative leaders and their organizations. 

~John Hardman