What is RSViP?

RSViPllc is a mobile downloadable application that was created to make it easy to book your next haircut and salon service, with just a few clicks.

Historically, these services have been carried out by salons or independent freelancers without any automation or appointment scheduling system, resulting in long waiting times for customers.

Our application solves this problem by bringing the customer service on the customer's schedule. We mitigate multiple issues facing the customer, including privacy, availability, stylist choice, personal safety and more. Our free salon appointment app has modernize the beauty and wellness industry

Is RSViP app different from other scheduling app?

RSViP application is more than a scheduling application. We pride ourselves on giving our customers more professional options, ease of use and better use of the customers time. Oh yea...we also don't charge a monthly fee!


Why should I use the RSViP app, even if it's free?

Good question, well, our goal is to bring real value to your personal grooming experience. We know your time is valuable and this app promises to use your time more efficiently.

Why is RSViP free...how do we pay our bills?

After fighting vigorously with our investors, unlike other apps, we don't charge our clients or professionals any subscription fees or expensive contract fees. We wanted everyone to know and enjoy the pleasure and convenience of using our app. We do apply a very small surcharge to any payment made through the app. The surcharge is used to cover the direct and indirect expenses generated with keeping the RSViP app and website working seamlessly. The surcharge is small because we count on everyone seeing the value in using our app. Thanks for your continued support.

What payment options are available?

Pay Pal and Stripe are integrated into the application for payment. Customers can pay fast and secure with their credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Pay Pal account. 

Is my device compatible?

Our application is designed for IOS and Android mobile platforms.

Can I book my appointment from the website?

Unfortunately, the mobile app is the only platform to book appointments. However, we are always listening to our customers and if they demand it...then we must comply!


What happens if I'm late for my appointment or if I have to cancel?

Just send a text message to your beauty professional all within the app. Every beauty professional will have their own policy on delay or cancellations.


What about paying and tipping? 

All payment, including gratuities, is done in an easy and secure way through the mobile app. No more trying to find the right change, or calculate the right tip, or people watching how much your going to tip and most importantly...keep everyone out of your business!

Can I choose my salon or beauty professional?

Of course, once your salon or beauty professional has downloaded the app and signed up.



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