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About Us

We are a bunch of service professionals and clients that knew there had to be a better way of scheduling beauty& wellness services that was more safe, efficient, modern and convenient for both the clients and the service professionals.


At RSViP, we don’t think you should have to wait for beauty.

Even before the current global health crisis, scheduling an appointment was cumbersome, long, and drawn out. 


Whether you’re looking to touch up those roots, cut off some split ends, pop into the barbershop, get your cuticles under control, or pamper yourself with a well-deserved massage – the RSViP app makes finding a beauty professional right now as easy as booking a hotel or making a reservation.

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Image by Giorgio Trovato

We know that waiting for your beauty services can be excruciating.  For many of us, our salon visits help keep our morale up, boost our confidence, and help us feel our best inside and out – and during these crazy times, we need that now more than ever.  RSViP means no more wasted time, no more waiting, and no more frustration.  You get highly qualified, thoroughly vetted, and instantly accessible beauty professionals who are ready to serve you today.

Using an updated database of beauty professionals, RSViP connects you to new and talented beauty specialists by showcasing certified professionals and premium beauty shops in your area. The result?  You get instant access to a diverse selection of luxury salons, massage therapist, highly-rated barbers, professional hairstylist, skilled make-up artists, fitness trainers, and much more.

With RSViP, finding your next beauty professional is just the tap of an app away. You’ll be able to comfortably fit your appointment into your daily schedule, get instant access to promos or discounts, and securely pay for services conveniently from your device.

No more clunky schedules. No more disappointments. No more frustrating wait times. What are you waiting for?  Download RSViP today, and stop waiting to feel beautiful.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

“RSViP app has many features that customers will connect to. This app is truly the "Uber" for the beauty & wellness industry!”

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Our MISSION is to simplify, enhance, and transform how people schedule their regular beauty& wellness service routines through a single platform that’s safe, secure, and convenient.

Our VISION is to modernize the beauty & wellness service industry by offering an innovative platform that seamlessly connects service professionals with customers for greater efficiency, satisfaction, and service quality.

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