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About Us

How did it all start?

Funny enough, it all started with my wife being upset and complaining, fortunately, this time it wasn’t about anything that I did 😊. Her niece was getting married and she was part of the bridal party. The bride planned that her hairstylist would do all the bridesmaid's hair, however the the stylist called and had to cancel due to a fatal emergency.

The bridal party was devastated and did not have a plan B. Everyone was scrabbling around trying to find a hairstylist that would be available to do everyone’s hair. They googled and almost broke the internet trying to find the right stylist. They called so many salons from miles around. It was the weekend and extremely difficult to find someone. Long story short…they couldn’t find a hairstylist that would be available to do everyone's hair; therefore, each bridesmaid was on their own and still it was a daunting task!

Nothing is more excruciating than waiting to look beautiful. Besides being bored out of your mind, waiting for beauty services can completely wreck your to-do list. Whether it’s a hair salon, barbershop, or even a massage service, you usually end up sitting around for hours and lose a lot of productivity. You shouldn’t have to suffer through long wait times to look or feel great. Sometimes your current beauty professional is not making the cut and you just want to try someone new. 

RSViP App was designed to be the solution to this problem.

Using an updated database of beauty professionals, you can reserve your appointment as easy as booking a hotel. Our app makes it super simple to find new and talented beauty specialists by showcasing certified professionals and premium beauty shops in your area. As such, you get a diverse selection of luxury salons, massage therapist, highly-rated barbers, professional hairstylist, skilled make-up artists, fitness trainers and much more.

With us, visiting your next beauty professional is an effortless experience. You’ll be able to comfortably fit your appointment into your daily schedule, get access to promos or discounts, and securely pay for services conveniently from your device.

No more clunky schedules. No more disappointments. No more frustrating wait times.

Now, with all this functionality at your disposal, what are you waiting for?

“RSViP app has many features that customers will connect to. This app is truly the "Uber" for the beauty & wellness industry!”


Our mission is to simplify, enhance, and transform how people schedule their regular beauty& wellness service routines through a single platform that’s safe, secure, and convenient.


Our vision is to modernize the beauty & wellness service industry by offering an innovative platform that seamlessly connects service professionals with customers for greater efficiency, satisfaction, and service quality.


Administrative Office

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New York, NY 10005

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