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Nothing is more excruciating than waiting to look beautiful. Besides being bored out of your mind, waiting for beauty services can completely wreck your to-do list. Whether it’s a hair salon, barbershop, or even a massage service, you usually end up sitting around for hours and lose a lot of productivity. You shouldn’t have to suffer through long wait times to look or feel great. Sometimes your current beauty professional is not making the cut and you just want to try someone new. 

RSViP App was designed to be the solution to this problem.

Using an updated database of beauty professionals, you can reserve your appointment as easy as booking a hotel. Our app makes it super simple to find new and talented beauty specialists by showcasing certified professionals and premium beauty shops in your area. As such, you get a diverse selection of luxury salons, massage therapist, highly-rated barbers, professional hairstylist, skilled make-up artists, fitness trainers and much more.

With us, visiting your next beauty professional is an effortless experience. You’ll be able to comfortably fit your appointment into your daily schedule, get access to promos or discounts, and securely pay for services conveniently from your device.

No more clunky schedules. No more disappointments. No more frustrating wait times.

Now, with all this functionality at your disposal, what are you waiting for?

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“La aplicación RSViP tiene muchas características a las que los clientes se conectarán. ¡Esta aplicación es realmente el "Uber" para la industria de la belleza y el bienestar! ”



Con la aplicación RSViP, un día cada individuo tendrá la libertad de obtener excelentes servicios de peluquería en su momento

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El objetivo de los servicios de RSViP es superar sus expectativas, permítanos consentirlo y brindarle servicios de calidad.Nuestro único objetivo es modernizar la industria de servicios de belleza con tecnología moderna y brindar la máxima comodidad a los clientes y propietarios.


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