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Let The Hair Go...

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Remove body hair
body waxing

Body waxing

Body waxing has become a popular trend nowadays because people became more interested in having lovely bodies with soft skin by removing the undesired hair upper their skin. You are also interested in that I guess! But in fact, not all people waste their time by looking for the best spa for body waxing in term of price, quality, or time consuming. You may be just going to the nearest body waxing spa or sometimes you get products and apply body waxing by yourself at home in order to save time that would be wasted if you get out to go to the spa and wait until your turn comes. In fact, applying body waxing by yourself at home is not recommended at all because you should leave beauty concerns to professionals. If you asked a body waxing professional about who wax him, he will say that another professional does.

So, not to care about time consuming, we advise you to use our salon app that will help you to assign a salon appointment from your home by just a click on your mobile. Now, beauty concerns have become easier to care about without consuming time. Just pick up your smartphone, open our appointment scheduling app and schedule an appointment with one of the wide range of available body waxing professionals.

Benefits of our appointment scheduling app

If you have used to hate the appointment you make every 6 or 7 weeks in your neighborhood body waxing spa because of the pain you feel while removing the undesired hair on your skin, you may just need to try other specialized body waxing professionals. With our scheduling app, surf the available professionals and schedule an appointment with one of them, you will definitely find a better place that would be free of pain.

  • By using your smartphone to schedule an appointment from home, you will avoid wasting time waiting in the body waxing spa until your turn comes.

  • In the past, you don’t have the ability to check prices of different body waxing spas, but now you can surf our salon app and compare between the available price ranges to select the most reasonable price that you can accept.

  • This app is totally free and available all the time to assign a body waxing salon appointment.

So, if you were applying body waxing by yourself at home not to waste time, don’t! With our salon app, your time is appreciated. Use the app, determine the type of body waxing that you need, select the body waxing professional and schedule an appointment

  • Cold waxing

  • hot waxing

  • Soft Waxing

  • Hard waxing

Cold waxing

This waxing method is primarily made for people who find it difficult to afford the pain of waxing as it can relief this pain compared to hot waxing method. It is applied on your skin by putting the semi-solid type of wax on the stripes, then putting these stripes on your skin. In few seconds, the stripes catches the hair on your skin. By pulling out the stripes, you will feel that it is a little bit difficult because the strips in this process tries to pull the hair until its rout is out of your skin. What makes cold waxing favorable for a lot of people is its effectiveness. Only from the first time you will feel the results, you will not be required to repeat the waxing session again and again. So, if you used our salon app to book a cold waxing session, make sure that it will be enough.