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RSVIP Services LLC: founded 2019

C.E.O: Fitzroy Bell, MPA 

Profession: Environmental Natural        Resource Specialist

About Me: I'm a humble man with humble pleasures and sitting for hours in a barbershop is not one. However, all that sitting made me think about the issues that clients and professionals encounter daily.

After months of research, we realized, the options that are available did not solve the basic problems that professionals and clients encounter daily (lightbulb moment).

Hence, the creation of RSViP app!

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Who We Are


We are a bunch of service professionals and clients that knew there had to be a better way of scheduling beauty& wellness services that are more safe, efficient, modern and convenient for both the clients and the service professionals.



Our mission is to simplify, enhance, and transform how people schedule their regular beauty and wellness service routines through a single platform that’s safe, secure, and convenient.


Our vision is to modernize the beauty service industry by offering an innovative platform that seamlessly connects beauty professionals with customers for greater efficiency, satisfaction, and service quality.

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99 Wall Street Suite 3998

New York, NY 10005

(800) 644-0297 Ext 801






RSVIP was created to make it easy to schedule your next hair cut and salon services, with just a click.

Historically, these services have been carried out by salons without any scheduling automation or appointment system, resulting in long waiting times for customers.

Our app solves this issue by bringing the service to the customer on their schedule. We mitigate multiple issues that the customer faces, including privacy, availability, choice of stylists and more.

Our market is the entire customer base in the country that opts for styling and wellness services, especially the 18-55 digital native age group.

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